PEPPERLINT, founded in 2012 by Sabrina Dittus in Berlin, is an independent platform and production company for the realization of documentary films and projects at the interface of art and theory.

Our focus: society and science.
Our approach: critical, sophisticated, unbiased.
Our motto: dig deep.


dittus(at)pepperlint.com +49 (0)30 65 79 06 49

Sabrina Dittus has worked since 2001 as a director, author and producer in film & tv. She completed her academic training in German Literature and Philosophy, and prepared her PhD in Philosophy in Germany, Austria and USA. In 2001 she shifted gears into cultural television, and in 2005 she established her own production company (Rotlintfilm, Frankfurt/Berlin). Since 2012 she works as an independent director, author and lecturer.



kappesser(at)pepperlint.com +49 (0)30 65 79 06 29

Susanne Kappesser is a freelance author and film scholar. She completed her academic training in Film Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Mainz, Germany. 2015 PhD in Film Studies (“Body Images in French Genre Cinema“). Since 2006 she has worked as a freelance researcher, programming editor and film author, with various publications in film theory. Since 2015 part of the filmteam of the repertory cinema „BrotfabrikKino“.



Sept. 26th: Screening of “Milliarden für den Stillstand” (“Aid But No State”) in naxos-Kino, Frankfurt/M., start 7.30pm , afterwards Q&A.

August 23rd: “Milliarden für den Stillstand” (“Aid But No State”) runs at globaLE in Leipzig, Open-Air, Richard-Wagner-Hain, afterwards Q&A.

July/August: “We Are Here: Young Gaza On Stage” runs at International Fünf Seen Filmfestival: on July 30th at 7pm in Gauting, on July 31st at 7pm and on August 1st at 6pm in Starnberg at Schlossberghalle, afterwards Q&A.

July 2nd, 2017: “Aid But No State. The EU’s Role in the Middle-East Conflict” runs at nbk (Berlin) as part of the #MovingThoughts screenings, part of the exhibition “Conditions of Political Choreography”, start 8.30pm.

May 13th: “Aid But No State” will be screened at the “Fernsehworkshop Entwicklungspolitik” in Frankfurt/Main, 4pm, location: Haus am Dom.

March 23rd and 24th, 2017: Brotfabrik Berlin screens “Wir sind hier. Vorhang auf für Gaza” (orig. “We Are Here. Young Gaza on Stage”), 6pm, afterwards Q&A.

Feb. 2nd: German Premiere of “We Are Here: Young Gaza on Stage”,  Salon of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, 7pm, Q&A after the screening.

January 23rd and 24th, 2017: “Aid But No State. The EU’s Role in the Middle-East Conflict” runs at globale Mittelhessen (in Gießen und Gladenbach).

Dec. 15th, 2016: “We Are Here. Young Gaza on Stage” premieres in Ramallah, Westbank (Mahmoud Darwish Museum, 5:00pm), on Dec. 20th in Gaza.

On Dec. 6, 2016 the nahost-forum bremen screens “Aid But No State: The EU’s Role in Middle East Conflict” (orig. “Milliarden für den Stillstand. Die Rolle der EU im Nahost-Konflikt”), start 7.30pm at Buergerhaus Weserterrassen (Osterdeich), with Q&A after the screening.